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Supporting Artisans and Entrepreneurs

About Our

Nearly 20 years ago, a group of progressive, patriotic, and hopeful Afghans founded The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN). Over the years, WADAN worked in all 34 provinces and grew to be well known and well respected in Afghanistan and internationally.  

WADAN continues to work in education, health care and community building in locations throughout Afghanistan. However, amidst the changing circumstances on the ground, we believed it would be helpful to establish ourselves internationally so that we may continue to stay engaged.


Wadan Worldwide was born out of the need to expand viable options for helping Afghans around the world during these trying times. Immediately, we aim to continue to benefit Afghan families in need in Afghanistan and to also assist Afghans resettling in the United States.

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WADAN (wă-dăn) noun, verb: innovation, creating, blossoming, life, inspiring, prosperity, progress, success, enriching, stability, joy, enlightenment

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Community Based Education

Drug Demand Reduction

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Direct Aid

Made in Afghanistan

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